Photography by Robert Frohne


“The Ice Volcano” & Niagara Falls

I took a trip to Letchworth State Park yesterday to get some pictures of the “Ice Volcano”, located in front of the Glen Iris Inn, which has recently made national news.

TI7C1910  TI7C1978

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After leaving Letchworth, I headed to Niagara Falls for some photos of the almost frozen falls.

TI7C2139 TI7C2185

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“The Dress” AKA “Why White Balance Is So Important.”

I would like to take a moment and do something a little different here. I would like to talk about the photo of “The Dress” that we all so famously now know about after it went viral yesterday. I would like to bring up the importance of camera White Balance (WB).

Humans perceive color as light is reflected off an object. Without getting too much in to the science of this, our eyes automatically compensate for tungsten, halogen, cloudy, and other temperature variants in the spectrum of light. When you take a photograph, sometimes the camera will attempt to Auto White Balance (AWB) by averaging the color in the scene and apply a color correction to each pixel. Many times, such as the case of “The Dress”, this is inaccurate.


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The left frame above shows the original photo, a washed out blue with sort of muddy brown accents. The center is a photo that I color corrected, to accurately show what you would see in person. A blue and black dress. The frame on the right may help to explain why some people see the dress as white and gold. It is overexposed to the point that the blue is reflecting an incredible amount of light (almost to the point of total detail loss) and appears white. The lines on the dress appear as gold because the scene is lit with a tungsten bulb, (as evident by surveying the background items in the original photo) the overexposure is causing a gold tone.

I cannot explain why some people are seeing the colors switch while looking at the same image. Also, I am only able to see it as Black and Blue.

“The Dress” (which is in fact Black and Blue) is the best example and most heated debate I’ve seen of why it is important to custom white balance!



Frohtography on TV!


On February 17th, one of the photos from the “Coastal View” album was featured by Scott Hetsko on the local news, WROC, during his weather segment. Thanks Scott!



Quincy Mumford and the Reason Why w/MoChester

Fullscreen capture 2192015 82649 PM.bmp

Last night, I braved the brutal cold of western NY to go see my pals MoChester playing with Quincy Mumford and the Reason Why at Water Street Music Hall. MoChester took the stage first and treated us to some new stuff that has just come out of the basement, as well as some favorites. Quincy and his band followed, bringing a rock and funk style that made you move your feet.

It was an intimate crowd and I wanted to capture that feeling in the photos so I tried something a little different on the post processing this time around, let me know if you dig it!

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P.S. Thanks for the CD, Quincy!



2015 Rochester Polar Plunge “Freezin’ For A Reason”

Fullscreen capture 282015 24011 PM.bmp
The first Plunge in Rochester was held in 2001 and had 75 plungers with $15,000 being raised. The Rochester Polar Plunge is the largest Polar Plunge in New York and one of the largest Polar Plunges to benefit Special Olympics in the entire U.S. Since its inception the Rochester Polar Plunge has raised millions of dollars for local Special Olympics Programs. In 2014, the event hit record attendance and fundraising dollars with 2,200 registered Plungers and over $300,000 raised.



Coastal View

I took a drive this afternoon, not knowing where I would end up.

TI7C0514I went North on the highway until I couldn’t go any further. I drove East, away from the setting sun. There were people on jet skis and 4 wheelers, riding around on the ice in the bay. I continued on some winding roads, not knowing where they would take me. I saw a family sledding down a hill, on I drove. TI7C0524Until I saw a sign that read “Coastal View”, I knew I had found a spot.


I continued down Coastal View Drive, until I could not go any further. I found joy in a family that was out there as well. A mother, father, daughter, and their dog “Dragon”, who was cautious around me at first. “Ahoy up there!”, the father yells to me, “The view is magical from down here!”. That was all the more motivation I needed to climb down the 40 foot cliff to the ice below.

And that is where I found peace within. The sun, sitting on the edge of the world, burning a deep, fierce red. The waves, frozen in time at the shore. The sound of the icebergs, slowly moving to and fro.

Only in the face of beauty will you truly understand what it important in this life.

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TI7C0528 TI7C0540



Calliope & Max

Recently, I went over for another shoot with Michael & Alexis. Calliope is 3 now! Where has the time gone?! She has quite a little personality now, which I think shows well through these photos. Also, I would like to say congratulations on the birth of Max. He is just a few weeks old in these photos, with a great head of hair! We recreated the Cheerio picture with him, to match his sister.

Fullscreen capture 1232015 121855 PM.bmp

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Pepsi Pop Up Concert featuring Nico & Vinz

Earlier tonight, Pepsi put on a concert for downtown Rochester, NY. featuring Nico & Vinz as part of the #HypedForHalftime sweepstakes for the NFL’s SuperBowl Halftime Show! Here are some photos that I took of the event.

Fullscreen capture 1182015 84901 PM.bmp

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Homegrown 2015

TI7C5058I usually retouch and edit anything that goes in the gallery but in this case I felt that the raw images that I took yesterday would better fit the vibe of Homegrown, which went down yesterday at Lovin’ Cup. I narrowed the selection down to 324 of my favorites for all of you to see.

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New Year’s Eve 2015 Photo Booth

I celebrated NYE doing what I love. Thank you Radisson Hotel Rochester Riverside for hosting a photo booth‬ by Frohtography‬! Thank you to everyone that had their photo taken!

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Radisson Photo Booth