The Future of Frohtography

After spending nearly a decade as one of Rochester’s favorite wedding photographers, I have decided to restructure Frohtography.

In keeping with the idea that quality and care is most important, I have decided to do two things. First, Frohtography will be specializing 100% in wedding photography. Second, I will be expanding the company’s workforce.

The concept right now is to employ 5 artists, all with their own specialty based on their background and passion, to deliver images of the highest quality possible. The roles I will be looking to fill are 1 office admin, 3-4 shooters, and 1 editor. The vision is to use a “rotation” of photographers during the wedding. One specializing on the prep, one to capture the ceremony, one photographer for the formals, and one for the reception, each “block of the day” if you will. All the while I will be setting scenes, lighting, shooting along side them, deploy new features (same day edits, the possibility of coverage of the weeks leading up to your wedding, and the honeymoon etc.) of which will make Frohtography a truly unique wedding experience.

There is, and only ever will be, one Frohtography. Innovating wedding photography for the digital age and setting the standard for quality through community.

Check back in 2018 for the return of Frohtography.

Pursue your passion and make your dreams a reality!

-Robert Frohne