{Newborn / Children}

The birth of a child is a special time indeed. One of life’s most precious moments. Frohtography specializes in baby and small child portraits. I use a mostly photojournalistic style to capture the personality of your little one. I prefer to shoot either in your home or a place that is familiar and comfortable for your baby. This way your child is comfortable in their surroundings and will not be camera shy.

Ethan 1 Year (23)

What is included with a Frohtography Baby / Child Photo Session?

  • Up to 45 minute session
  • On location
  • Up to 3 different outfits
  • Images will be personally reviewed, then edited, enhanced, and retouched as needed
  • Includes a CD with all of the hand selected images
  • Copyright ownership of all images

The cost of a Frohtography Baby / Child Photo Session is $150 (+Travel).

Time moves quickly, I recommend setting up a session for newborn, 3 month, 6 month, 1 year, and 2 year photos. I offer discounts for multiple sessions and for holiday sessions.


Max One Year (18) TI7C2054

Frohtography is a small business start up in Rochester, NY founded by Robert E Frohne Jr. Frohtography specializes in on location creative lighting. I am always striving to deliver the best image that I can, with my unique style that Rochester has come to recognize. I, Robert, take great pride in my work as a DIY-er (Do It Yourself) and interacting personally with all of my clients from the first time we speak, through the delivery of your images and beyond.

Frohtography strives for a reputation of honesty and fairness. Every customer will be treated with respect and given an equal amount of attention in the creative process to create photos that they, and their family and friends, will cherish for a lifetime. I am non discriminatory and happily provide photographic services for same sex couples, the LGBT community, mixed racial couples, and cater to any customs and religious beliefs.